The architecture in Marinora City is a mixture of the older styles from the late 1800 to early 1900, and modern comtemporary designs.
Since the city had a grew really much in the 1980-200 most of the skyscrapers is high tech and modern. The tallest building, the Bondo Pyramid, was built in 1998.

The Downtown skyline is a world recognized scene with many modern skyscrapers and the Bondo Pyramid in the middle.

Downtown and WaterfrontEdit

The Downtown and Waterfront area is dominated by modern skyscrapers and high rises, such as the Lincoln Tower, Bondo Pyramid, Marinora Tower and the Stetlon Building. All of them built and owned by mayor Marinora based companies.

Lincoln TowerEdit

Main article:Lincoln Tower
The Lincoln Tower is a skyscraper located in Downtown, at 12th Street and 3rd Avenue. The building was built for the architecture
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firm Orange Architecture.

With 40 floor the building is 180 metres (591 ft) tall, and stands at the former site of the Baltic Exchange.

Bondo PyramidEdit

Main article:Bondo Pyramid

The Bondo Pyramid is the tallest and most recognizable scrskraper in the Marinora City skyline.

At 260 metres (850 ft) and 81 floors it is the tallest building in both Marinora and Wadur.

Marinora TowerEdit

Marinora Tower is a tower in the southeast part of Downtown. Aand is a mayor landmark of Marinora City

The tower is 184 (605 ft) at it's highest point.
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Stetlon BuildingEdit

The Stetlon Building is the headquarters of the mayor steel company Stetlon INC and located in the western part of Downtown.

The building is 190 metres (623 ft) with 54 stories.


The suburbs of Marinora is older than the big city center and therefore older architecture. In Roselle and Ridgewood is the oldest building located dated from early 1800.

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Houses in Karcia

Hayden has always been the wealthiests and most expensive suburb of Marinora and lot of big mansions where built during the sixties.

In 2006 Marinora City Office announced that in the future 10 year Marinora's suburbs would be redeveloped. The newest building is the Karcia area in the south part of the city.

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