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Marinora City Subway map

Mass transit in Marinora City runs 24 hours a day, transporting people all around the city. Built up with three zones, Zone 1, Marinora Downtown, Zone 2 including Waterfront , MCUST and Roselle , Zone 3 with the closest suburbs such as Hayden , Lamar , Karcia and Vica.

Ticket systemEdit

The ticket system for all the types of transportation is the same exept the Airport Rapid. The easiest way is to buy a ticket at any station, wich lasts an hour in all the zones.

Then you can buy season tickets, year tickets, student tickets etc. etc.

From January 2010 Marinora Transit intruduced a new way of paying. The Acces card. You just simply buy a card wich you load up with money and evry time you enter a bus, train or subway you register and the right amount of money is taken from your card.

Marinora Subway SystemEdit

The Marinora Subway System is built up on three lines (four with the Airport Rapid) 29 stations (33 with the Airport Rapid).

There's two mayor transit hubs, the biggest is the Marinora Central wich connects all the three lines, the Airport Rapid, the Bus network and the commuter rail.

The second largest is Downtown where the three subway lines connects with the bus network.

At Westbury the Red line and the Yellow Line connects and at Ridgewood the Yellow Line cennects with the Blue Line and the Airport Rapid.

All stations are connected to the bus network.

Bus networkEdit

Marinora City has got a big and well developed bus network wich covers the whole city and a long way out in the suburbs.

There are three types of buses, the mini bus, the normal bus, and the dubbel decker bus.

From May 2010 all the buses run on hydrogen or elecricity.

Commuter TrainEdit

Officially the commuter train's name is called Marinora Commuter Train (MCT), and consists of three lines. The Blue Line, the Orange Line and the Green Line.

The commuter train is a relatively new way of transport in Marinora and all of the lines haven't reached there full lenth (September 2010). At the time of completion the system will have 23 stations in the Marinora City area but it will go on out into the suburb with 56 more stations.

The biggest station is the Marinora Central , where the commuter rail connects with the bus network, the subway system and the Airport Rapid.

Airport RapidEdit

The Airport Rapid is a underground rapid train from Marinora Central, via Laconla and Ridgewood and runs in a loop through Terminal 1-3 at Marinora International Airport.

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